Halo: The Master Chief Collection major game update now live; Now 4K compatible and more

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HALO : MCC is Xbox One X-Enhanced !!

In a surprising move, developer Industries has revealed that their long-awaited update for the game has finally been released and is quite impressive as its the most significant update since the games release. Totaling in at roughly 73GB, aims to bring some massive fixes to the game sine its launch and had been in beta for quite a while. Master Chief Collection has been plagued by numerous bugs including networking issues, critical errors, and random crashing that rendered the game almost unplayable.

Having been in beta testing for quite sometime, has finally released the patch itself and a post alongside their long-awaited patch. You can choose what you want to download when you want to download it, which makes the game playable based on your preferences.

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The Master Chief Collection major game update now live; Now 4K compatible and more After the long wait, Industries finally announced today that the Halo: The Master Chief Collection game update that promises a lot of new features will begin to roll out today, August First off, those who are subscribed to Game Pass will be pleased to know that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be included to the growing list of games on September 1.

As for the updates and new features of the game update: And of course, each of the titles in MCC already run at 60FPS delivering what truly is the definitive way to experience the classic Halo collection. A new HDR and SDR video settings option has been added to the game to provide fine-tuning and calibration options to ensure MCC looks as good as possible across a variety of different hardware setups and personal preferences. With this patch, the foundation of MCC is getting modernized and updated to take advantage of the latest and greatest Xbox matchmaking and networking features and functionality.

MCC also now utilizes dedicated servers housed in Microsoft global datacenters for all Matchmaking game sessions to provide further stability, reliability, and consistency. MCC also now offers continuous Matchmaking so once a game ends, players will be able to get right back in the action quickly and conveniently. MCC now works better than ever online but the ability to play classic Halo games with friends on the same local network with minimal latency is something players have been asking for since initial launch.

Yet another Halo: MCC patch lands

Share Save The latest patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection is live now and focuses on matchmaking, UI, stability and other features, outlined by Industries in summary form after the break. For matchmaking specifically, the patch promises to improve search success rates, reduce instances of the “Awaiting Privileges” error, more correctly determine player counts in each playlist, fix an issue where players appeared to be searching in the incorrect “find game” screen, and add a countdown sound effect to the voting timer.

The update should improve the network performance of Halo 2: Anniversary, lower the music volume in multiplayer menus and fix stability issues across multiple games in both campaign and multiplayer.

Check out more information with the full patch notes on the official Halo website. Also coming to Xbox Game Pass on Sept. 5 is Codemasters’ off-road arcade racing game Onrush. The game launched last June to poor retail sales with developer Evo hit with multiple layoffs last month.

Comments Shares Before Microsoft’s Xbox One X hit the market, virtually all talk about the machine was focused on what it could do – how many pixels it pushed, how smooth a framerate it delivered, how many flops it could flip. It was touted as the world’s most powerful console, meant to show off the kind of power only Microsoft could deliver. If you wanted true 4K gaming, if you wanted your games to look their absolute best setting aside competition in the PC realm , you needed an Xbox One X.

Three months later, it’s become apparent that the device once known as Project Scorpio is fulfilling another purpose: Phil Spencer gives us a new Xbox When the Xbox One was revealed to the world, it was a confusing mess of ideas and half-baked compromises. Executives in famously talked up what many anticipated being the next great gaming console as a place where you could And be interrupted by a Skype call while you were watching Star Trek.

And surf Internet Explorer by using gestures thanks to a mandatory Kinect accessory. It might be hard to think back five years ago and remember just how truly awful this press conference was, but it was bad. Xbox had confused potential consumers by trying to become a jack-of-all-trades; gamers felt abandoned, like the console had nothing to offer them, while TV-watchers were put off by the idea of adding another box to their living room which came with an always-on camera.

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Twitter My account after the Halo: MCC Content Update made to improve Matchmaking This article was written in real-time, everything you see below is an account of what happened to me while trying to play Halo AFTER the update that was supposed to make Match making a lot better. As soon as it ends, i probably found a game. So i finally update Halo: MCC to the state it should have been in a late Beta test.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection / Oct. 24, Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One X Patch Will ‘Rearchitect’ the Game’s Matchmaking Systems “MCC was essentially six pretty different game engines strapped together.”.

Eleven minutes six seconds. A few seconds after starting, I was booted from the match. Team Hardcore playlist Four minutes 10 seconds. In-game teams were 2 vs 2 in a 3 vs 3 gametype, and a bug with respawns occasionally froze your countdown at 9. But the others are a disgrace both in the time taken and the results. The bugs mentioned are only a fraction of the problems that currently beset every aspect of MCC.

Matchmaking will freeze at random points. Sometimes the game crashes while searching. While in a party, changing playlist will disband the party. Being in a party in general is a nightmare. Team games often have uneven teams.

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Matchmaking Improved matchmaking search success rates. Made an update to ensure player counts more reliably match the expected numbers for each playlist. Added countdown sound effect to the voting timer. General Multiplayer Made an update to improve Halo 2: Anniversary network performance, specifically in regards to bandwidth spikes.

He suggested this will allow you to designate your preferred matchmaking preferences by game (Halo: MCC includes Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4) and gametype to create a tailor-made playlist. This would be a .

A A You wouldn’t want to have a crappy internet connection, and be a Halo: Master Chief Collection player when you saw that headline. An insane 73GB update for Halo: The new patch is somewhat of a celebration that Halo: The new update for Halo: Intelligent Delivery is capable of opting out of particular updates, but it does include some flaws.

However, once the game displays “Ready to Play”, you can launch the game and access the Intelligent Delivery settings to customization your installation specifics”. MCC Intelligent Delivery will provide these game installation options: Master Chief Collection’s new update will also have faster load times, with the developers “able to achieve significant optimizations across the entire title which results in greatly reduced loading times for all of the content in MCC.

Regardless of which flavor of Xbox One you’re playing on, everyone will experience quicker load times on every aspect of MCC – but it’ll be extra noticeable with Halo 2 Anniversary in particular”. A new UI is included in the update, with a slick new horizontal layout and new settings options. There are now 14 playlists that will launch with the new 73GB patch, but the developer notes:

Halo 5 And Halo: MCC Are Still Getting New Updates

Server not available for cod mod3: Samantha Gent What day did the servers go down for you? I want to freaking play.

Halo MCC Match Composer Mixtape Matchmaking! Miguelito al fin está de vacaciones Morandé con compañía GamingSins: Everything Wrong with Halo 2 (Anniversary).

Well, Master Chief Collection would like to have a word. With your internet connection. Master Chief Collection is getting added to Microsoft’s Game Pass program later this week, and developers Industries have put together a patch to coincide with the launch. A major reason for the update is the inclusion of 4K HDR assets, and because the Master Chief Collection is literally four games in one, that’s a double digit download for each game not to mention anything else that you might want from the Forge for Halo 3 or Halo 4.

The patch will also roll out Intelligent Delivery, an Xbox feature that lets developers divide up data for the game so users don’t have to download everything like grabbing 4K assets when you’re playing on an Xbox One S. In Master Chief Collection, that means players have the choice of what game components they want to download. If you don’t want to touch Halo 2 with a foot flagpole, you don’t have to. Similarly, you can just have the multiplayer for Halo 3 and ignore the campaign entirely.

The small problem with this, as notes , is that you’ll still have to download all of the assets first – or enough until the games are playable. All matchmaking games are now hosted on dedicated Microsoft Azure servers, which is nice, and offline LAN support has finally been added. Load times are better for all Xbox consoles as well, not just the Xbox One X, with Halo 2 Anniversary supposedly getting particular help in this area. You can find the full list of patch notes here.

The Halo: The Master Chief Collection just received a 73GB Update

This latest update is our continued commitment to improve the MCC experience and address feedback from the community. If one of your personal issues isn’t addressed in today’s patch, fear not – there’s still more work to be done and more updates to come. If you’re just joining us, be sure to check out all the details from last month’s major update which brought significant improvements, fixes, and several new features to MCC.

Aug 27,  · IMPROVED MATCHMAKING The Xbox platform and online services have evolved and grown in many ways since MCC was first released in With this patch, the foundation of MCC is getting modernized and updated to take advantage of the latest and greatest Xbox matchmaking and networking features and functionality.

Dust Patch 1. Everything added on to the game in 1. The gun game has been improved quite a bit, but has more flaws that have been exposed now. The game itself got some polish, and Faction Warfare is in a better place, could be better. The vehicle rework has me scratching my head a bit and the AV nerf almost feels a bit overdone with how vehicles are now. Also they have added in the ability to export data which will open Dust up to more 3rd party programs, similar to EVE Online in that sense.

To start things off we are going to talk about the guns.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Gets Its Last Update (For Now)

MCC Issues to be resolved. Before anyone asks why I don’t use the other thread, the reason is that it is a mountain of pages and this post may get lost in it anyway. Solo has nearly 0 issues.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is receiving a massive update today complete with Xbox One X enhancements, improved matchmaking, and more. This is what the team at has been building towards for a while thanks to help from community feedback, and it’s ready to go live ahead of the game’s Xbox Game Pass release [ ].

Jan 19, Ragenrok said: Diablo 3, destiny and plants vs zombies is a ton of fun on it, and halo mcc is gonna be awesome. Halo on the Xbox was the first Fps I had ever played and I loved it so much, was also the first system and game I purchased with my own earned money when I was Last 3 months only thing on my PC to get played is star citizen.

I’ve got a few coworkers on the xbox one and I think that’s what makes it so much fun, for some reason multiplayer with rl friends has always been more enjoyable on the xbox that on the PC. I’m gonna play the snot out of halo 1 multiplayer on Tuesday. I feel the same way about PC gaming as of lately.

Halo MCC Finding Games #3 1.4GB Patch