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German Ministry for Digital Infrastructure: The Digital Radio Board currently comprises 15 high-level representatives of BMVI and federal states, ARD, Deutschlandradio, commercial broadcasters, regional media authorities, radio set and car manufacturers and the federal network agency. By common accord between its members, the board is heading to create a specific timetable within a year’s time for the switch from the analogue to digital terrestrial radio. The Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate has announced support for an initiative outlining that all radio devices should have digital capability. This can be seen as a very important initiative for the development of digital radio in Germany and across the rest of Europe. The plan was passed by a majority of the Board, with the exception of VPRT one of the two associations which represent private broadcasters who opposed the plan and have now left the Board.

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Oar mining and metallurgy created enormous wealth, because they set manufacturing and science on an ascending trajectory. Until this very day, the centuries of mining impact the economic development of our country. In a similar fashion, the end of open-cast lignite mining after the depletion of coal fields has been the starting point of post-industrial development in the Leipzig and Lusatia regions. The moonscapes left by the mining industry have been transformed into beautiful seascapes that attract tourists and water sports enthusiasts from far and near, giving rise to a burgeoning tourism industry.

So Saxony has amassed a great wealth of knowledge and experience in managing the structural change from a mining-centered economy toward high-tech and service sector businesses. We heavily draw on these experiences when we now tackle the task of transforming the economy of the Lusatia region while the end of open-cast lignite mining there is still decades away. In managing this complicated process, the Saxon government receives support from the federal government and the EU and commits to develop a concept for a lowcarbon yet economically viable regional economy.

Moreover, our knowledge of how to remediate former mining sites and spur new economic development is in great demand elsewhere. I therefore send my best wishes for a successful conference as well as insightful lectures and excursions to the Leipzig Lake District.

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More Photos of the Saxony Rulers First mentioned in the early 13th century, Dresden gained prominence from to as the capital of the powerful dukes later electors and kings of Saxony. The city emerged as a leading cultural center in the 17th century, most notably during the reign of Frederick Augustus I, elector of Saxony also during the reign, , of King Augustus II of Poland. Napoleon achieved his last major military success here in Dresden developed into an important industrial center in the late 19th century.

Photos of the reconstructed Frauenkirche On the night of February 13, , hundreds of Allied bombers released a firestorm of bombs on Dresden, killing , people and demolishing 80 percent of the city. Much of the city was meticulously restored after the war. Text from Microsoft Encarta Note on the Microsoft Encarta figure of , people killed in the firestorm bombing of February 13, The casualty figures mentioned , killed were Nazi propaganda created to make the horrific damage look even worse.

There were a total of bodies either buried or burned afterwards, plus missing.

Map Guide to German Parish Registers: Kingdom of Prussia – Province of Sachsen I

Offizielle Website des Freistaates Sachsen mit Informationen zu u. Meanwhile, inthe southern part of Saxony, now called the “State of Saxony” joined the German Confederation. November um Shortly thereafter, dating sachsen pressures in Saxony mounted and broke out in revolt during —a year of revolution in Europe. Taler teure Hochzeit des Kurprinzen mit der Kaisertochter dating sachsen besonders opulent vonstatten:

Aug 12,  · Despite its northerly location, Sachsen has a long history of viticulture, with the earliest documents of wine-growing around Meissen dating to Since Germany’s reunification in , great enthusiasm has gone into building and developing the Sachsen wine industry; there are many part-time growers and an enthusiastic local market.

Home About Contact Stradivarius Copy Many attempts have been made to copy or replicate the authentic Stradivarius violins created by Antonio Stradivari. The violins of Antonio Stradivarius are believed to be of the best and most famous violins in the world, for they have impeccable quality of sound and were made with amazing skill. Although many people have attempted to recreate or craft the Stradivarius violin, they have not succeeded to exactly replicate it so that it will produce the same sound and quality that Antonio Stradivari was able to create through his craft.

There also have been many theories as to how Stradivari truly crafted his violins. One such theory suggests that Antonio utilized wood from an old cathedral to create his violins. However, scientific research based on tree-ring dating proves that this theory is inaccurate and cannot be realistic. Another theory exists, suggesting that the wood utilized for the violins or instruments were from the little ice age and had thick rings. However, scientific research on the thickness of the rings in the wood proves that this theory is also inaccurate, for the wood contained thick rings, rather than thin rings, which would result from cold climates.

Another theory suggests that the glue that Antonio Stradivari utilized had an effect on the quality of sound of the instrument. This theory has not been completely rejected, but is currently being investigated. Other theories suggest that the wood was treated with borax, or that the wood was left in salt water or sea water for some time.

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Aktuelle Berichte, Videos, Audios, Bildergalerien und Wetter aus Sachsen. Zum Lesen, Hören und Anschauen. Live zu hören ist MDR 1 RADIO SACHSEN. Darüber hinaus kann man sich ausgewählte Beiträge und Sendungen in der App noch einmal anhören und ansehen. Sachsen ist ein Teil des /5().

I wasn’t sure of the exact problem until she followed it up with the admission of her crush on KPRC’s Jennifer Reyna , then I realized that by not putting out a list of Houston’s hottest female news personalities, Hair Balls has been horribly remiss in its service to the community. Here then, mostly in no particular order, are the ten lovely network lasses who do their best to distract us from endless tales of child abuse, jack-knifed wheelers, and drug-related murder.

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Menu Looking at the way how a new idea is taken in the US versus in Germany made us think about how to present our idea. So, even as we are germans, we chose the american way to present our company. By talking about the problems we solved for our various partners.

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This silver 3 Albus coin of Trier is called a Petermenger. One side of the coin depicts St. Peter in the clouds holding a key. The other side has the arms of the Archbishop. The coin is approximately 23mm in diameter. Johann Hugo issued silver Petermengers from to with the date on the front, and again from to with the date on the back. The title Kaiser as well as the title Czar is derived from the ancient Roman title of Caesar.

Bombastic and impetuous, Wilhelm made tactless pronouncements on sensitive topics without consulting his ministers good thing he did not have Twitter. Both coins are 38mm in diameter, struck in. The crowned German Imperial Eagle is on the reverse of the coins.

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The Duke in took over the small business and put it under the leadership of his private secretary Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch who managed to solve some of the financial problems but reported that the factory was doomed if they were not able to find an expert in porcelain production. Soon the small factory was fully optimized and able to produce items in continuous quality so the Duke then rented the factory to Gotthilf Greiner in who put the small business in the hands of porcelain expert and decorator Johann Siegel.

After being successful for some time the factory was in rented by Friedrich Christian Nonne who also rented the factory in Volkstedt from until For the Ilmenau factory, the period from until can only be described as the most successful period as they produced items similar to Wedgwoods so-called ‘Jasperware’ which sold extremely well.

The silver 2 Reichsmark and 5 Reichsmark dating from to pictures Hindenburg on one side and an eagle holding a swastika during the other. Because of World War II, the only coins issued after were the zinc 1, 5 and 10 Reichspfennig, and the aluminum 50 Reichspfennig, which depict an eagle holding a swastika.

FREE within the U. With its unique jazz sound, the Glenn Miller Orchestra is considered to be one of the greatest bands of all time. The present Glenn Miller Orchestra was formed in and has been touring consistently since, playing an average of live dates a year all around the world. It ought to have a personality. It helps, of course, that the acoustics in the church are superb, but I bet the GMB sound is wonderful in all venues. I enjoyed the harmonies of the Moonlight Serenaders as well as all the featured solo musicians.

The numbers were done exactly as the original Glenn Miller band did them.

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profile from Germany, Sachsen, Chemnitz, hair Brünett, eye Schwarz.

I am very pleased to show off my collection, and to share my love for these beautiful instruments with you. Recently, I teamed up with two fantastic, enthusiastic collectors, John and Kim Hornbacher, who are helping me offer more guitars for sale and for show, and who are assisting me in updating the information about each Japanese guitar brand.

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I lived in Yokosuka, Japan, from the years ; I accepted a teaching position there and never even knew about Japanese guitars until one evening I received a phone call from a friend who went up to Tokyo looking for skis or something random like that. I answered the phone and had to pull the phone away from my ear I can’t even tell you how many guitars there are here.

There’s a guy selling guitar necks from a cart on the street like hot dogs in NYC!

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