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In this lesson, you will learn how to say the days of the week and how to use them in simple sentences and questions. We have included a nice video about this topic and some short conversations as well. Make sure you understand the content of the video as it will certainly be useful throughout the lesson. If you need to translate or check writing, please activate the closed captions cc. Talking about days of the week in Spanish: Notice that you must not capitalize days of the week in Spanish.

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Exam questions assess all themes outlined in the course and exam description. Questions are based on works from the required reading list and ones that are not on the required reading list—the latter to allow students to apply what they have learned through the study of the required works and the historical and sociocultural contexts of those texts. The exam expects students to identify, explain, analyze and compare various works of literature, while using appropriate literary terms and while discussing the works within their sociocultural, geopolitical, artistic, and historical contexts.

Encourage your students to visit the AP Spanish Literature and Culture student page for exam information and exam practice.

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I did not have a TV when I was a child! Stamps, coins, stickers 8 If you could be any animal, what would you be? Dolphin 9 If you could have any superpower, what would it be? To not feel sleepy during the day 10 What is usually your first thought when you wake up? Dolphin 14 Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets? Yes 15 Do you believe in ghosts? Humm, The Oregon Trail? Prolly a house and cars for everyone in my family 18 Have any bad habits?

Biting teeth 20 List 3 of your best personality traits: Charming, funny and talkative 21 List 3 of your worst personality traits:

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Do most people consider you emotionally mature, able to compromise, communicate well, share your feelings, and handle anger constructively? Do you love this other person so much that you are willing to put his or her happiness before your own? Are you marrying out of strength I know who I am and am happy with myself rather than weakness I need someone to fill the gaps in my personality? Have you developed strong friendships that have lasted over time? Are you able to keep commitments and delay gratification?

Do you struggle on a regular basis with harmful habits or addictions, e.

Aug 10,  · In this new Spanish lesson for beginners you’ll learn a lot of expressions that can be very useful when having a first date in Spanish. You’ll learn some very useful questions that will help you.

The truth is that very few Colombian women know any English at all, which is why we provide an accurate two-way translation service for both telephone conversations and written correspondence. The two of you can right away be on your own without our translation services. But for most of you the convenience and clarity of our timely translation exchange will be the best way to ensure that what you say is understood, and likewise for her. Are the Spanish Women Members Screened?

Therefore, we leave the screening up to you; fortunately, it is rare to meet a Latin woman who is good at concealing her insincerity. Most Latin women are transparent. Even so, we do help. We document any interesting behavior we witness from the women in our database, and we will share this information with you. We remove women from our agency who reveal dishonesty, wrong intentions, or bad behavior.

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Both are accused of avoiding tax on sale of image rights by using offshore companies. However, the Portuguese was registered as a non-resident taxpayer under the Beckham Law, while the Argentine has spent his entire adult life registered in Spain. Spanish investigators say the company, owned by Ronaldo, is a “screen” and has no economic activity apart from having bought and then ceded the player’s image rights to a firm based in Ireland that “genuinely manages [his] rights sales”. Prosecutors also claim that money earned from image rights was incorrectly described as capital gains, to benefit from a lower tax rate.

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Simplifying the Likert Scale written by: In interpreting the results of research in which the method involved the use of questionnaires, one commonly used psychometric scale is the Likert Scale. Is this scale appropriate for your current research? It was invented by Rensis Likert, an educator and psychologist, who advocated an employee-centered organization. Since the inception of this psychometric scale, there have been several versions based on the number of points in the scale.

That is, the Likert scale can be four-point, five-point, six-point, and so on. The even-numbered scale usually forces a respondent to choose while the odd-numbered scale provides an option for indecision or neutrality. Below are the two Likert scales, the four-point and the five-point. In fact, there is a format that must be followed in formulating the questions. The questions should ask for an agreement or disagreement.

Below is an example of a Likert item: The Bush Doctrine is an effective foreign policy. Based on the item, the respondent will choose a number from 1 to 5 using the criteria below:

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Spanish brandy is very different from French brandy. It is cheap and pleasant although specialists find it a little sweet. Popular brands include , Magno and Carlos which are distilled in Jerez. Cider is popular in northern Spain.

In this free audio lesson, you will learn common Spanish question words. We’ll give you a whole list of helpful interrogative words so you can start asking questions in the upside-down question mark at the beginning of each question can you write it?

Since there are really no Spanish courses focused on dating and seduction I bought it and wanted to give you my take on it. The course is marketed towards guys exclusively. Pickup Spanish is divided into four sections. The first section covers the Spanish language itself while the other three sections cover dating and seduction specific to Latin America mixed with useful Spanish translations to go along with it.

He shows you how to convert a lot of English words into their Spanish equivalents in order to build out your vocabulary fast. How to learn nouns and verb tenses at the same time along with easily created adverbs to give your conversations with Latinas more depth and color. He also gives the six verbs he recommends getting down pat that you will use the most for dating and seduction. Online Don Juan The second section covers online dating so you can have Latinas ready to meet you once you touch down in Latin America.

Later he shows how to move from the dating sites to Spanish text game to setting up the first meeting. He also provides tips and tricks for popular Latin dating sites along with formulas and scripts for Tinder in Latin America. Daytime Matador The third section is devoted to day game which means approaching and meeting Latinas in places besides bars and clubs which are covered in the fourth section.

He gives you useful Spanish phrases to start conversations and build rapport then how to use humor and sexual tension properly in Latin America. All the steps are covered from the initial approach to having an instant date or getting her number for a later time.

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Seattle … we thought of compiling a list of questions that may be asked in the future, and to write an informative post about the interview itself. Please note that these questions are simply guidelines on which topics officers usually focus on, and is not exactly what they ask or a guarantee that these would be asked. They could ask more, and they could ask less.

Each case is different.

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Your night out on the town among Spanish speaking people can be one to remember with these lines. Or use them in class to impress the girl or guy of your dreams. Words spilling from the lips of a Latin lover make all the women swoon and even some of the men. In this article we’ve collected some common Spanish phrases and pick-up lines that might get you some attention.

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And what better country to choose than Spain? Spain has over km of beaches. There is no tooth fairy in Spain but rather a tooth mouse called Ratoncito Perez. They have highest number of bars out of all the countries in the EU. Christopher Columbus the famous explorer is Spanish, but they have no idea where he was buried. Spain has the lowest population density in western Europe excluding Scandinavia 8. Spaniards are famous for their contributes to art, with famous Spanish artists including Dali, Picasso, gaudi, el Greco, and Goya 9.

Spain was not part of the first or second world war. Spain is the country closest to Africa. Spaniards own more cars than cell phones. The famous lollipops that line cash registers across the world were initially created by the Catalonian Enric Bernat in

You Know You are Dating a SPANISH Woman When…